Let the journey begin…

Welcome to my MA Photography Critical Research Journal. My academic MA journey began in January 2019 at Falmouth University. This is my visual book inviting you to get to know me, my dreams, my challenges, my awakenings and also my fears.

My research project was inspired a personal story of my son, whose injury prevented him to accomplish his goal of becoming a professional football player (American football). As we traveled through action and excitement, pain and disappointment, we discovered that broken dreams can take us further than we thought possible, that both his dreams and mine have expanded and morphed into projects that we didn’t believe we were brave enough to achieve.

For me as a mom and a photographer, this project has become a key to follow my interest in photographic documentation, academic research and journalistic exploration of any subject/outlook/emotion/place/situation that I could see related to my son’s story. This project opened my eyes to the world of contemporary photography and its’ diversity and resulted in ongoing self challenges and experimentation from both technical and visual perspective.