Meeting 1 – June 9, 2020

Today was my first meeting with my project supervisor. It was great to share my background and more details about the proposal. Our discussion/observations included:

  • I have a good knowledge of the subject (experience photographing sports, knowledge of the sport)
  • I will document the season (practices, games, locations that the general public doesn’t have access to, people that are tied to football, extraordinary things that happen during the season)
  • We identified many ways to come at it (documentary/journalistic approach, family story telling, explorative, perhaps having a main theme and building the project around it, the role of spaces and people)
  • It might be a challenge to establish project boundaries as the project can grow into many sub-projects and details so it is important to set a clear path for the project
  • Photograph spaces and people – use spaces when not having access to people
  • Start with “empty” images (they can be very powerful)
  • Need strong images to start to dictate the narrative
  • Experiment with different equipment and image formats
  • Think about rhythm and the importance of timeline
  • Include shots of inaction 
  • Consider the psychological role of sport
  • Working title “Strange Season” (Wendy)
  • What form the project might take (as things might change rapidly due to Covid-19)

While I am excited to be planning my project and digest the items we discussed with my project supervisor, one thought continues to percolate in my head – what if there is no season, no games, no access to locations, no sports, nothing. It is too early to guess what is going to happen, but there is always that possibility. My thoughts around the project are seriously considering other alternatives for my final project. I am reaching back to my last module and thinking how I had to change the stream of my work rapidly due to Covid-19 and almost automatically I am thinking about other streams for the project, you know, just in case. Alternatives are good to have. Alternatives that are outside of the box.

References to look up:

Dana Lixenberg “Imperial Courts”

Hans van der Meer “European Fields”

Sharon Lockhart “Petzel Gallery”