Final Touch

I went with what felt right and created my final portfolio submission in colour. Something just didn’t work with the black and white presentation. I felt the lack of colours took some aspects away from the photographs. Sometimes that splash of bright colour is needed to accentuate a memory or a situation that happened in the past. I didn’t want to lose that.

When I looked at a combination of colour and black and white, the black and white photographs, although I adore them, just stood out too much and seemed disturbing the rest of the images. I was not entirely happy with that combination.

Ultimately, I looked at three presentations I created and went with the feel. I asked myself, if you were to do an exhibition right now – which one can you see displayed in a gallery setting that would make you feel most accomplished. At that point, there was no question – I wanted the colour one.


Joanna Kurowski, 2020, Football Mom series