Meeting 2 – June 30, 2020

Joanna Kurowski, 2020, Western Gate

I had a very good discussion this morning with my project supervisor about my proposal and the direction of my work. I prepared some images of spaces, but I wasn’t too sure whether that’s what I want to focus on. I didn’t feel the story in the images was in sync with what I wanted to present, but I went out and kept shooting. I find that when I am stuck, using my camera really unblocks my brain and let’s me expand my thinking.

Items discussed during our meeting:

  • We reviewed pdf with prepared images of spaces 
  • We discussed making spaces the main focus and use people and football/covid artifacts as a form of accentuating items
  • Football practice – important in the publication, idea of hiatus
  • Impact of sports psychology and impact of covid on mental health 
  • We had a discussion about two streams 1. spaces 2. players 
  • Spaces – discussed the power of photographing at different times of day; perhaps use drone to capture the whole football field if no access given to the facility
  • Players – discussed the idea of photographing players wearing football gear (helmet, shoulder pads) in an environment not related to football, for example garden, at home etc.
  • Plan the  portrait sessions carefully with focus on use of light
  • Take advantage of light and keep distance; shoot not too close and not too far but focus on details
  • For portraits, stick to players for now; think portraits for gallery setting
  • Project future – with current covid situation what will future hold for this generation
  • Proposal in good position 
Joanna Kurowski, 2020, Kennedy Field

I spent the last couple weeks looking for more photography books. I went back to Annie Leibovitz “At Work” hoping that more inspiration will come. I find her book very resourceful, not only from the perspective of her own experiences, but also because she provides a lot of references to other artists and practitioners. I have my iPad on my lap when I read the book, as I tend to google references she makes and I found it really expands my thinking and opens my ideas to contexts that I might have not previously was brave enough to try.

I kept thinking over the past few weeks about the idea of photographing people that are related to football and perhaps mixing it with spaces. Our discussion today gave me things to think about, to plan my future photo shoots. I began thinking in my head about the locations, the time of the day, light and how I want to position my subjects. Browsing through recommended links helped me contextualize what I want my project to be.

References to look up:

Michelle Sank – portraits

Lisa Barnard – solder in helmet

LEIBOVITZ, Annie. 2008. At Work. New York: Random House.