Meeting 5 – September 30, 2020

Today we reviewed my work up to date and discussed the final outcome of my project.

The following items were reviewed:

  • I provided an update about a new book project for a different football team
  • We established that the project is in good shape; it is time to start organizing images into a book
  • We had a discussion about image format (horizontal vs landscape) and the sequence of images
  • We talked about the public outcome of the work (book, online exhibit)
  • Since the book most likely won’t be finalized before the end of the module , I should include layouts in the review
  • Recommendation to work with the book designer (prepare the mockup before the meeting; bring an example of the layout you like)
  • Experiment with FMP layouts (the simpler the better)
  • Project title “The Strange Season”
  • We talked about project description (referencing recent Tom Seymour presentation). I am not as strong in describing my work as I would like to be and I have some work to do in that aspect
  • We talked about opening and closing images (think about opening or closing with an image of an empty football field)
  • Use one image of each player; no double images
  • We discussed pairing images and concluded that it probably won’t be a good idea for the final submission
  • I need to think about sequencing of images
  • For the next meeting, I am to prepare few different sequences for the next meeting and send ahead of meeting for review

The descriptive work for my project is something that I don’t feel strongly about. It is something I have struggled with in the past, but as I create more photographs I catch myself more often thinking about how to present my concepts, my ideas and my vision.


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