Meeting 3 – July 22, 2020

My session this morning was with another professor who hasn’t seen my project work yet. We reviewed my work created so far and I explained my concept of creating portraits of young football players outside of football environment. I was advised that this is an interesting direction and to continue work with applying different angles. We looked at similarities in my work and the concept of study of shape was discussed. We also discussed the idea keeping the same distance, same focal length and the same light to keep the similarities in the photographs.

Items discussed during our meeting:

  • We reviewed the images produced by me up to date
  • I was advised that my project is going in an interesting direction and to continue the work with different angles and positions
  • We discussed people photographed in similar poses – study of shape is something to look into
  • Start seeing connection
  • Project feels strong
  • Carry on in that direction (keeping the same distance and focal length and light)
  • Include group sitting and women (different but could change the dynamics of men); also keep diversity in mind
  • Play with environment, think about alien environment to football, expand on the background 
  • House backdrop too descriptive for this project, stay with green environment
  • Strength of images is in the fact that they are shot in a natural environment
  • Suggestion to print images and give to subjects and ask to write about this photo; this could then be scanned and included in FMP; it could bring a different element

References to look up:

Jane Hilton cowboy portraits

Anastasia Taylor Lind maidan project

Look up topology

Research academic teachers guide about artists study

This meeting made me think about the concept of similarities in photographs and I began thinking about creating a collection of photographs that would have a linear connection as opposed to each photograph telling a story on its own. I found that today’s discussion served as a discovery of a concept that I wanted to pursue.