First Photo Session With Players

My first session in July was scheduled with two young players that I haven’t worked with before. They were interested in taking part of a project that was different from their usual activities and also they were looking to get some portraits done. I arrived at the location 45 minutes before scheduled time. I needed some alone time to walk around and think how and were I will photograph them. I was familiar with the location. I worked here before, in a little town where both players live. We could not do a shoot at their respective homes and the local park provided plenty of space. I picked few areas and decided to photograph both boys in a few different poses (sitting, standing, holding or wearing a piece of football equipment). I also used the same background in some shots. We were shooting late in the afternoon and my goal was to use natural light and have my subjects photographed in the shade.

When I looked at the photographs later, I noticed the continuity of the photographs taken with the same background and within the same focal length. They looked more in order, cleaner, and they built a series with a clear linear narrative.

When I looked at the photographs I took that had the boys posing differently and with different backgrounds, I saw the images with the same background and pose were missing the connection, they did not appear to be series.

It was then that I decided that I want to use the same, green lush background for all my portraits and same or very close focal length. At this point I was undecided whether I wanted to have the portraits made in a landscape or portrait format and I decided in the future sessions to make both.

This session was crucial for me in defining the composition and technical aspect of my work. Although I still wanted to experiment more with light, this session paved the way for all future sessions. This setup just felt right for what I had in mind for the portraits of young players during the covid lockdown.