Project Preparation

June 1, 2020

Over the past few weeks, I have been gathering ideas for my final major project. Given that my past MA projects all evolved somehow around my son’s football adventures, my final project has to be tied to American Football. Looking at what is currently going on with the covid-19 pandemic makes me wonder what this season is going to be like. The idea for documenting the 2020 season during Covid-19 pandemic came to me a while ago. I just have to wrap my head around it and figure out a plan how to approach it.

My faithful notebook became my closest friend as I jot notes and ideas in it almost daily. When I think about the project, I am exploring many resources and thinking about contacts (local/national) that tie to American Football and my work experience. At this point, nothing is off the table; this is more of a gathering stage for me and seeing where the path will take me.

Joanna Kurowski, 2020, Notes

As a team photographer of London Beefeaters Football Club ( I am naturally preparing for the football season, despite the pandemics. But I also wonder, how different will this season be? After all, this is somehow odd time to be thinking about organized sports. Yet, life has to go on and there is a quite a possibility that in few weeks I will be on the sidelines capturing this year’s memories.

I had the idea about creating a publication about American Football season in light of Covid-19 pandemics. I want to focus on the unexpected events/things happening this season, and I want to document the differences that affect a typical sport’s season. I want to capture how the season goes one despite the challenges and adjustments. What interests me is what will be different about this season?

When I work on a project, I tend of organize it in my head first. I visualize the final product and and group the steps that take me to it. This project will consist of photographs of people and places; football and personal items that reflect the time of the pandemics. I don’t have a specific format yet, but when I started thinking about documenting the “Covid football season”, my immediate thought was to create a book about this unique season. A book that documents how the 2020 season was handled. At the same time, I want this publication to be universal and relate to anyone interested in sports and in this historic timeline.