Adjusting My Project Plan

Photographing spaces on June 10 made me realize that in light of covid pandemic and uncertain future for my project plan, I need to plan for another stream of work. I thought that experimenting with portraits of people (young football players in particular) would be a great idea to present their lives during the pandemic.

I have created portraits in the past, but I haven’t really created a collection, certainly not in a way I wanted to create this one. I have photographed events though and that was my starting point about creating a narrative that will tie all portraits together in a collection. I began to think about what my collection would look like and what message I want to convey (is there a message, or do I want to go with my interpretation and let my audience tap into their experiences and imagination).

I started planning the collection. I thought about who I want to photograph – do I want to see players from the same team or perhaps contact other local young people involved in sports in the area. I took into consideration the age group and the background of my subjects and realized that I don’t want to limit my collection to a specific team. I began visualizing the images, the single player standing alone in the background that is not related to sports at all, rather in an area that is reflective of the covid season and would relate to this strange season for young players. I thought about using a small sport accessory that would indicate the connection of my subject to the sport season they are missing, but not overwhelm the photograph with the subject of sport.

I also decided to look up work of other contemporary photographers and I picked up Martin Parr’s book “Only Human”. I am used to photographing players on the football field and making candid photographs and I wanted to see Martin’s outlook on people watching. I found his book valuable from a perspective of developing my way on seeing the human side of the people I wanted to photograph.

Joanna Kurowski, 2020, Martin Parr “Only Humans”