Week 1 – The Global Image

The View From My Window by Joanna Kurowski

As I settle into the MA Photography program at Falmouth University this week, I reflect on couple things: the first exercise we were given – look through your window and on my work up to date. The theme of Global Image comes to mind immediately. Because what is a photography, but one of the most powerful communication mediums? Throughout the history of times it served the purpose of relying information, triggering emotions, teaching and perhaps most importantly – capturing a moment in time. Freezing time.

As I was going through this week’s materials, I tried to think about my own photography work, my interests and what global impact my work might have. My passion is sports photography, in particular American Football. I have to thank my son Alex for introducing me to the sport. He played it since he was 10 and when due to injuries he no longer could be active on the field, he decided to transfer his knowledge onto younger generations by becoming a coach and later a teacher as well. It is thanks to him that I started photographing football games.

I remember photographing my first game. I felt like I finally found my calling. It was an incredible feeling. My first images were all about the sport. I really didn’t think much about the connection with the world. I didn’t think much about global image then, but this week I started thinking how my images would have a global impact and how any images travel the global journey and could have influence on individuals that we wouldn’t even think we may impact, whether it is now or in the future.

How can an image from a football game touch a person that is not into football? What other areas, not related to football, can the image represent? What message are my images sending?

So these questions have been in my mind and I hope to find answers for them in the upcoming months. I also hope to learn more about photography in general and experiment with my work, apply aspects/techniques that I haven’t yet and grow through this journey.

London Beefeaters player attempting to prevent the touchdown by Joanna Kurowski

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