Joanna Kurowski, 2020, Andy

When I set up my photo sessions, I wanted to keep the key items the same, such as green background, a player standing, holding a football related artifact, dressed casually, looking directly at me. Players were photographed in different places and sometimes.

Light, location, time of the day were items that I wanted to experiment with. I could not set up all sessions at the same location. It was not physically possible because a number of players I photographed were located in different towns and it was hard to gather a group of people at same time, due to covid restrictions.

I had few sessions where I photographed at different time of day, but I ultimately I decided to stay with the late afternoon time frame to keep the consistency in the series.

Joanna Kurowski, 2020, Mason

One of the items I experiment with was the gear that my subject was wearing. Initially I toyed with the idea of having the players wearing their full football gear, however, I decided against it and instead, I decided to include in the portraits a subtle accent of the sport.

I spent some time researching work of portrait photographers with respect to use of light, subject positioning, colour vs monochrome and as equally important, the emotions of the photograph. When I began to photograph these young players, their attitude, mood and facial expressions became very important part of the photograph. I have used very little direction as to how they should stand. My only request to them was that they stand facing me and look directly at me while I make a photograph. I found this request gave them the freedom of being themselves and emphasized their presence in the photographs.


Francesco Scavullo


Robert Frank


Annie Leibovitz