Show and Tell – August 18, 2020

Show and Tell was a group discussion featuring work of selected students. Although I wasn’t one of four students showcasing their photographs, at the beginning of the session I was asked to update the group on what my project is about. All projects were different from each other and although they were not directly related to my work, I found this session extremely helpful in regards to composing and creating my collection.

The following items were discussed:

  • idea of a virtual exhibition (no physical location keeps it purposely ambiguous)
  • images/places can relate to any audience
  • signs in images that act as substitutes of humans
  • images presenting a sense of familiarity
  • challenging the perception of places
  • sometimes the meaning is to be found by looking at an image in more imaginative way
  • developing language to discuss our work
  • build images as sentences
  • experiment