End of the module reflection

Going Forward – Joanna Kurowski

As I embark on the final days of this module, there is a lot of thoughts and ideas going through my mind. I look at my work and question why I created it certain way. I feel more curious and confident to experimenting going forward.

There is no doubt that the last three months have been very intense with a lot of new information and new influences and they already left an impact on how I see my practice in the future and what methodologies I want to try.

It is hard to list all the influences that I researched during this module. Few that keep sticking in my mind currently are Susan Meiselas, David Alan Harvey and Gustavo Minas. Their interpretation of photographing people and street life has prompted me to ask myself “what do I really want to show in my photographs – how I want to present my work”





Creating a trailer was an interesting concept and a great way to mix film with photography. It made me think about using that methodology when I photograph sports. It also triggered an interest in this medium and I can’t wait to get my hands on learning more about film creating techniques and explore the history of this medium.

Everything I learned in this module can be applied in some shape or form to my practice. When I photographed my first wedding few weeks ago I couldn’t stop thinking about creating a zine for the bride and groom in addition to standard images (project in progress as they loved the idea and can’t wait for the finished project).

In this module I definitely spent more time to examine how I create my work and what influences it, what makes me notice certain subjects and certain moments. I also reflected on where my work was a year ago and where it is now.

In addition to focus on photographic practice, I discovered that exploring photography theory from an academic point and researching papers and articles about photography and topics that interest me is something I want to pursue. I could greatly improve my writing skills and analyzing my photographic experiences combined with doing more research will become a very valuable activity.



I am very thankful for all information in this module and people that crossed path with me during this time as each of them in some way had left their mark on my work and helped me further define my style. All professors and staff, students who made me challenge my work, examine it, stick my foot out of my comfort zone and try to break into the unknown – we have this drive in us that wants us to explore, push our limits and see what will happen when we try something we wouldn’t consider before – I am still excited to venture out, and I continue to learn and explore. Thank you.


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