Week 3 Rethinking Photographers

Crossing by Joanna Kurowski

This week I reflected about technology and how it impacts photography and my own practice.

We were provided with couple examples to ponder on with regards to citizen journalism and photography and smart phone images. I found both articles very insightful.

Damon Winter’s series  “A Grunt’s Life” proves that use of technology can  be  used effectively to achieve the desired photography results. His excellent use of Hipstamatic iPhone application created a very realistic reportage of soldiers in Afganistan.

Stephen Bull’s article gives a very compelling analysis on examining the use of filters to stimulate a vintage look in photographs. He talks about the fascination with vintage look in pictures among younger generation, the convenience of Instagram and Hipstagram filters to give the images that “outdated” look and the “nostalgia” that is reflected through these filters.

The weekly debate about technology and impact of individuals using cell phones and available filters prompted me to closer examine my work and also research more about what’s behind professional photographers using cell phones. I came across an interview with Julian Calverley, a commercial photographer that uses is iPhone frequently. While he does his commercial work using his pro camera, he does a lot of work with his iPhone. His comments about convenience of the cell phones and taking advantage of current technology make a good point. I agree that the use of the cell phone vs a camera is not as important as what we see though the lens.


“You still need to have an eye for a good shot. That will never change.” – Julian Calverley

The link to the interview with Julian is below:


Frozen coast of Lake Erie by Joanna Kurowski

I myself use my iPhone frequently to capture images that will reflect the mood of the moment. Sometimes that’s the only camera I have. I use it because I want to capture the moment I know I can’t come back and photograph again (Crossing). I also use the iPhone when I feel that I can achieve the desired result in my photographs (Frozen coast of Lake Erie).


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