Week 4 – Collaboration

Butterfly by Joanna Kurowski

This week we focused on collaboration. My fellow student Theresa and I worked together on a mini project called Canadian Transformation. When I posted a photograph of a butterfly titled Transformation, Theresa responded very quickly about working together. She posted a beautiful picture of Northern Lights and I thought that perhaps she is (like me) from Canada since this country is one of the best locations to photograph them. I immediately thought we have a connection, even though we never spoken before. We exchanged email addresses and got in touch that same day. We were both very surprised that we both currently live in Canada and we both emigrated from our native countries years ago. In addition, we found both to be in love of nature and landscape photography. After the initial emails we decided to talk on the phone. We spoke about each other’s interest in photography and our experiences and decided on a project on nature transformation in Canada. The fact that we both live in Canada would allow us to present some spectacular Canadian nature transformations that happen throughout the year. We began selecting pictures and we posted them to our group “Nature Transformation” so we both could review them and pick the ones for the presentation. After we selected images,  each of us produced a brief description. We selected a presentation format and we both edited the details so the final project was satisfactory to both of us.

Our phone conversations proved to be very effective as they helped us speed up the process and make decisions quickly regarding to the format and content of the presentation. Given that we live kilometres apart, distance didn’t matter as we made a good use of the technology mediums that worked best for us. 

Our collaboration process went very well. We made decisions together and communicated well pros and cons of different aspects of this project. We were both conscious of the timeframe and unanimously decided about having the project completed by Wednesday.  Most importantly, we trusted each other and we shared common ground what we wanted to present. I can see us working well on another project in the future. Thank you Theresa for seeing something in my photograph that prompted you to reach out. It was a great experience!


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