Art and Commerce

My own visual language is something I continue to develop. When I began photographing American football, I was very focused on capturing the motion and my style somehow developed from that. I wanted to communicate to my viewers the fast action and the unique moments that I, being so close to the game, was able to photograph.

As I continued to photograph American football, I began to notice that sometimes my work presents itself in a very documentary way and I wasn’t 100% sure whether that was what I wanted my viewers to see. Somehow, I wanted to show my stories differently.

I wanted my language to be less journalistic and more emotions driven. I didn’t just want to photograph the game. I wanted to photograph people behind it, to show their struggles, their emotions and high and low moments.

I want to visually tell the mood of the event. I want my viewers to feel the joy, excitement, sadness that the subject in the photograph is showing or experiencing.

I feel that my main approach is to create it in a documentary way. Having said that, I am aware that I want my work to represent more than just a journalistic representation of the world.

My visual language continues to change as I gain more experience from both practical and educational aspect of photography. I am more aware now how I want to communicate stories through my photographs. As I continue to produce my work, I can foresee that there will be influences that will impact my style and help me create the meaning that I will want to see in my photographs.