Week 2 – Interdisciplinary Practice

Winter Sunset, Goderich Ontario Canada by Joanna Kurowski

This was a tough week for me. I really struggled with the disciplines and critical contexts that are relevant to my practice. Initially I thought (because I shoot a lot of american football) that motion might be one of the disciplines. But I wasn’t so sure if it classifies as a discipline. When I explored other students’ posts, it dawned on me that as challenging as this week was for me and others as well, it was a good, healthy challenge. It made me think more broadly about what I want to express in my work. I loved the examples that other students posted and the discussions about how they feel about particular disciplines. I thought about images and art pieces that made me think about mentioned disciplines and contexts and started looking at my own images from a completely different perspective. It felt like I had a brand new set of eyes. I also learned about artists that I never heard of before. It was great to explore their bios and their work. Not because I had to. But because I really wanted to see what their work is all about.

This week also reminded me that photography, like any other art media, is open to individual interpretation. And while we may see similar aspects, everyone has their own feelings about art and that’s ok. We are all individuals and see things that others might not even notice. I remember looking at one example, hearing how one student was talking about and thinking “but I don’t see it. I see something completely different in it”. It made me feel like my eyes and my mind opened to absorb something very very new. I felt like like left my comfort zone. Scary at first, but so freeing after a short while.

When I was taking pictures this week, I thought about examples, comments, questions that we, students, had been exposed to during this week’s activities. And while I wasn’t an instant fan of all art examples, it helped me realize that I need to explore art more and while I do it, I don’t have to like everything I see. But I do have to feel something about it. And that was my big lesson this week.

Dorchester Mill, Dorchester Ontario Canada by Joanna Kurowski

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