Teaser Trailer

Producing a trailer for my research project proved to me an incredible experience. At first I thought about using images to create one, but then I really wanted to try creating a short film. So I set out to do it. What was the challenge? What was the downfall?

When I first read about making a teaser trailer, I thought I know nothing about film so I wanted to learn. Film is often entwined with photography and it will make a great medium to help with with future photography projects. I can’t imagine not growing my knowledge and exploring other areas of interest. The downfall was that I had no clue how to create a film. With not much thought to explore the subject further, I decided to use my iPhone and learn how to create iMovie.

From a creative perspective, this was a very new experience and I realized that it required different approach than photography project. Yes I needed a story for the trailer, but the composition of it had to take a different approach. I had few ideas for the trailer, but they required a presence of my son and he was away. I had to resort to channeling my train of thought in another direction.

From a technical perspective, creating the iMovie turned to be a fairly quick and seamless experience.

Even though this is not a master piece, I am very happy that I started my learning process. Did I find another way of expressing my work? Absolutely. I think I found another area of interest that will work well with my photography practice. My head is buzzing with ideas for short films related to my photography projects (especially with sports and events photography) and I know this exercise will be worth exploring further.