Photography and Its Fine Art Markets

As I watched Andy Hughes lecture, I started reflecting how my own work relates to environmental causes and portraits of people in context of the same. I found Andy’s photographs very inspiring, yet quite upsetting. I realized that while eco issues occupy today’s media and public eye frequently, the connection between past-present-future is now stronger than ever.

Use it wisely

This lecture also made me think about waste and how surrounded we are by it; how much we don’t even notice it. I thought about my own practice, photographing sports and how seldom do I pay attention to the waste around me. Yet, when I start paying attention, it is there. Sometimes disguised, but its presence is very strong.

I thought about how much plastic we use in our daily lives. From a photography perspective I imagine how creative the photography can be when we apply colours and use ordinary objects we generally consider waste, and how we can raise awareness while photographing them. Photography is an incredible media to help direct attention to such important causes and this type of imagery can open doors for many photographers that have interest in contributing to environmental causes.

The term of ecopsychology also caught my attention. I have always been fascinated with the connection between nature and humans and integration of psychology with environmental movement.

Dorchester Pond Mill, Dorchester Ontario Canada