Working on My Research Project

Colour or Black and White?

Joanna Kurowski, 2020, Football Mom series

As I am working on my portfolio and make photographs around my house, I typically have my camera set on colour. By pure accident I took a shot with my cell phone which was set up for black and white outcome. I liked the image. It fitted into my football mom theme. As a creative exercise, I decided to wander around my house with my cell and make more photographs in black and white.

Then the dilemma kicked in – there are photographs that I like in colour and there are few in black and white that I feel strongly about. Can I mixed them for my portfolio? Do I dare?

I had my last session with my tutor couple days ago and we discussed my dilemma. Together we looked at the selected photographs and his recommendation was to switch all images into black and white.

I adore black and white photography. There is something very pure about it and by removing colour, I feel that the photographs relay a stronger narrative. But…

When I looked at my selected photographs for my work in progress portfolio, I was not sure whether black and white was it.

I put my work aside and created a visual presentation of all colour photographs and a separate one of all black and white. Then I mixed the images in the third presentation. I stepped away for a bit to clear my head. I wanted to come back to the presentations and really feel which one speaks to me. The submission is important; passing the module is very important; but the most important aspect of it for me is to create the work that feels right for me.

As unorthodox as it seems, I am leaning towards a combination of colour and black and white images. But at the time I write this script, I am still working on it. I might even go back and reshoot the images I originally made in black and white to see how they work out in colour. Stay tuned.