Hands Off

24 hours to produce 5 images related to my research project without using my preferred apparatus. As I missed the time frame given for this assignment, I decided to give one to myself, today, to experience this particular challenge.

Nothing pushes my boundaries and makes my brain think faster than an exercise described above. As pressure sets in, I frantically hide my beloved Canon and think.

Think about my research project, think about 5 images to create and think about stepping out of my comfort zone and discovering another way of creating. Then I take a leap and stop thinking.

I am going with what’s in my mind right at this moment.

I see football cleats and decide to explore. I never had up close relationship with shoes. I don’t even like shoes. In this instance, I am looking at this pair of old, dirty, destroyed shoes and reflect on how much one can write about an old pair of shoes.

Unable to use my camera, I grab my cell phone and start exploring shapes, angles and memories.


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